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Grade level:

Because of the nature of some photographs I plan to do this lesson with the 8th grade students. A certain maturity level is necessary.






Essential questions:

How do we define what is art?

Is photography an art?


  • to introduce the students to photography as an art form that represents/documents the culture of an era
  • to explore the elements, principles, and methodology of photography as art


Lesson plan:

This lesson should take approximately five-six class periods.

The students will go to the lab and view the Google Maps journey. They will then have time to begin planning their subject and format of their presentation.

The second and third day the students will have access to the classroom and the lab to work on their presentations.

Presentations will begin on the fourth day and continue to the fifth.

When the presentations are over their will be time to review the essential questions and share their thoughts.

A rubric is used for the assessment presentation as well as monitoring the class discussion for growth.

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