How do we define what is art?

Is it a painting? a sculpture? a drawing? What about a collage, or the design of a car, a room, a shoe?

Is photography an art? Are the photographs you take artistic?.

You are going on a Google Maps journey to learn about a famous photographer, Ansel Adams. You will be reading a few articles about the man, his life and his quests and then completing the assignment from the choices listed below.

Before you begin this journey, I would like you to decide if you would consider photography an art.. And the end of the journey, you will be giving a 3-5 minute presentation to the class. At the end of the presentations we will take a little survey to see if anyone changed their mind or strengthened their original point of view.

Don’t forget to return to this page to review your options for completing the project!

Ansel Adams Google Maps

All will be options will be presented to the class in a 3-5 minute time line.

How you select to present is up to you. It could be a PowerPoint presentation, an oral presentation, an “advertisement” or a poster you explain. Select an area that interests you and be creative. If you have another method of presentation you would like to use, speak to me about your idea.

If you would like extra credit, go to the Independent Learning tab and explore the options there to add to your presentation.

*to be noted: when you google Ansel Adams photographs, there are many reproductions that are far below the quality standards of Ansel Adams. Be careful of this. You saw the photos I presented to you in google maps, try to be aware of the differences.


  • Find another photograph by Ansel Adams. Explain to the class why you connect to this photograph. What do you like about it? What do you dislike about it? Does it remind you of somewhere you have been? In what ways do you find it interesting? How is it artistic? What else can you tell us? You must be able to have an example of the photograph for the class. So have a URL available that I can present or have a print. Remember quality counts.
  • Google some of Ansel Adams photographs. Find a poor reproduction and an excellent reproduction. Note the differences and explain why this happens. You must be able to have examples of the photographs for the class. So have a URL available that I can present or have a print. Remember quality counts.
  • Go back to the biography of Ansel Adams in the very beginning of the Google Maps link. Find out more information to tell the class about his wife and their life together.
  • Explore this link from PBS and tell us anything interesting you found out about Ansel Adams PBS Ansel Adams
  • Explore this link and tell us anything you learned about the cameras he used and what you might apply to your use of a camera American Experience

Choose any of the Independent learning activities and add extra credit to your presentation!

Refer to this rubric as you complete your assignment:




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