5th Grade

Where can we find art?

These are some famous sketches of three artists. The artists are Albrecht Durer, Leonardo DaVinci, and Vincent Van Gogh. Can you tell what sketch is made by each artist? Give it a try! If you need a hint click on the names below to look at their paintings and then see if you can figure it out!




vangogh_scape1ALI155415photo 1-1

Almost all artists sketch before they paint. Their sketches are just as much a work of art! This is because they have learned to use their lines as well as their brushes. Learning about line not only helps you create better work, it helps you view the world a little differently knowing you have ways to interpret what you see.

Line is really all around us everywhere. Here is where I found line in my world. Where can you find line in yours?

ngbbs4e358b6a6cd1bLet’s find out about basic line qualities and how to apply them!!